UI Instore Grinder

Enjoying the experience of freshly ground coffee


connection with the brand, DE Master Blenders 1753 (now called ‘Jacobs Douwe Egberts’) wanted to develop an ‘in-store’ coffee grinder that consumers could use to freshly grind their own beans.

Spark design & innovation developed a grinding system in cooperation with Ditting - market leader of coffee grinders. Consumers could scan a bag of their chosen beans, select their coffee maker, and the system would automatically choose the right preset.

I was involved in creating a clear and user friendly interface to guide the user through the grinding process step-by-step. We tried to bring the experience of freshly ground coffee to life with mood films and a tailored visual style for each sub-brand of DE Master Blenders 1753.

Read more about this project on the website of Spark design & innovation.