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About Remco

Remco is a multi-disciplinary designer and has an eye for detail. He loves to make intuitive products that people love to use. In addition to several years of work experience, Remco is educational qualified (Master of Science) in product design and is trained to have a user-centered approach to (digital) product experiences.

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His work

During his career Remco worked in interdisciplinary teams, on both physical and digital product experiences, ranging from robot strollers and 3-D printers to a secure chat app. Check out some of his work, by way of an illustration of his abilities as a designer.

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Elderly Assistant LEA

Discover how Remco created a completely new kind of experience for a robot assistant disguised as a stroller.

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ZIVVER Office Plugin

Learn how Remco made securing emails less scary and more intuitive.

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Feel free to send Remco a message if you want to get in touch, or if you just want to grap a coffee or beer.