Fusion4 Portal

Human centered design in industrial products


Imagine you are driving a truck, and you have to fill it up with gallons of fuel at a big petrol station. You have dirty hands and the sun is burning in your eyes. And some idiotic UX designer decided to follow the latests trends in visual design.

You can imagine that would not work at all, so this is exactly what we did not do at Spark design & innovation. Both today’s minimalism in interface design and the focus on aesthetics rather than on usability would have made the interface unusable for you as a truck driver. Therefore, we rather created a user interface that would work in any circumstances, than to keep up with all the trends in UX design. Using clear contrast colours, a perfectly readable font, and large buttons, the truck driver would have no problem filling up the fuel tank.

Fusion4 Family Image Honeywell Enraf

The Fusion4 product family is a line of products that are used in the blending and distributing of fuels and additives. These products are controlled and monitored remotely with the Fusion4 Portal. With this software you could print transactions and bills, monitor the devices in real time and adjust parameter settings to get operations up and running quicker.

For the development of the new Fusion4 portal I was involved in the complete design process: from creating the information architecture to translating this architecture to wireframes, to eventually delivering a visual design guide, and providing the developers with pixel-perfect visual assets such as icons and splash screens.

Fusion4 Portal - Transactions Image Honeywell Enraf

Fusion4 Portal - Configuration Image Honeywell Enraf

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