KIN Research Website

Making research visible to the crowd


Much research is happening behind closed doors, but the KIN Research Group wanted to show their work to the world. Therefore, they asked me to design a website to promote their research a bit more.

Besides giving insight into what kind of research the Knowledge, Information, and Innovation (KIN) Research Group does, it is also a platform to promote events, and to show achievements and other interesting news. Each researcher had his or hers own personal page on which he or she could show his or her work and promote it.

As most research was theoretical, consisting mainly of written text, it was a challenge to make the website appealing without regularly having to create many new visual assets. Therefore, I tried to make the typography of the articles visually interesting and I mainly used fixed images for headers of each page. Next to the design, I was also responsible for the development of the website.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information about the design process of this project.