ZIVVER brand

Maintaining a consistent and appealing brand representation


In a couple of years ZIVVER expanded quite rapidly. When the product matured over time, it was important to maintain an integrated and consistent user experience. At this point, it was important to not only guard the user experience but also to keep the whole experience coherent over all platforms while the product evolved quickly. The brand was a key factor in maintaining a coherent experience.


To keep everyone aligned with how the ZIVVER brand was expressed, how it should feel like, and where the company stands for, the marketing team and I created a brandbook. This book is a guideline for everybody who works with and for the brand. With these guidelines we create a mutual understanding of how the brand should be represented.

ZIVVER Brand Book

Product video

ZIVVER started (like any other start-up) with a small team: only ten people. Since I was the only designer on the team, I was not only involved in the UX of the product, but also in the way the product was sold. This meant I had to create a diverse set of brand assets, ranging from business cards to a commercial website.

In order to demonstrate the product at fairs, I created several product animations. Passers-by should understand the product at a glance. As the product was quite complex, and consisted of many features, it was very important to be able to explain the product in a clear and simple way, hence the product video. Everything in the video is created by me.

Product manual

Once ZIVVER was implemented for a new client, a large group of employees had to start using ZIVVER for the first time. Not only did they have to use a new piece of software, but they also needed to be informed about the reason why they had to use this software. To make this ‘education’ a bit more fun, and to motivate people to actively use the product, we created a small manual. This manual explained the product in a simple manner, and when folded out, the back of the manual could be used as a poster to hang at the office in order to remind users to securely send their email.

ZIVVER in a nutshell

ZIVVER in a nutshell - folded

ZIVVER in a nutshell - unfolded

Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information about the design process of this project.